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Harlo Salem

Hi, hello, what the fuck is up, I’m Harlo I’m a young 20 something transgal who does live camshows, phone sex, erotic audio clips, and videos. I’m a fan of oddity and if I didn’t drop out after one college course would consider myself an artist but that’s neither here nor there. I am a switch that leans more towards Domme but for the right person or price I can be very submissive. I find building a bond between my submissives very crucial and find it annoying/ a huge turn off when someone I have no bonds with is demanding 0-100 bdsm extreme in a split second without sharing a segment of themselves. After all, how’s a girl supposed to fuck your mind if you show up mindless? I could blurt on and regurgitate the traditional Femdom buzzword phrases that put a tear in your eye to gain your attention but that’s not my style, I’m more the beautiful vintage-esque girl next door who knows how to carry herself and further more how to break you down reforming you as I see fit. I do consider myself a Dominatrix but not exclusively, (we can enjoy time together where I’m not whipping your balls into the next century).